Wal Basses
Wal basses divide into three basic models - Mk 1, Mk 2 and Mk3's.
4 string Mk 1 Sycamore facingsMk 1
This is the original Wal Custom 4 string shape and has a 21 fret neck.

Here is an unmarked fretless example with Sycamore facings and chrome hardware, in the standard Satin finish.
4 string Mk 1 Gloss Black

4 string Mk1 Fretted with Gloss Black finish
4 string Mk 2 Quilted Maple facingsMk 2
The Mk 2 shape is the original 5 string design but is also available in a 4 string version. It has a 24 fret neck with a longer body horn and contoured cutaways.

This example is fretted with Quilted Maple facings and a Gloss Black neck finish.
4 string Mk2 Zebrano facings

4 string Mk2 Fretted with Zebrano facings
5 string Mk 2 American Walnut facings

5 string Mk2 Fretted, with American Black Walnut facings
4 string Mk3 Wenge facingsMk 3
The Mk 3 is a condensed version of the Mk2 body. It also features a 24 fret neck but tunes with Ultra lite machine heads and has a cutaway neck joint for better access to the higher register.

The Mk3 is available in 4, 5, and 6 string versions.
5 string Mk3 Fretted with Birdseye Maple

5 string Mk3 Fretted with Birdseye Maple facings
6 string Mk 3 American Walnut facings

6 string Mk3 Unmarked fretless with American Black Walnut facings
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