Wal Basses
4 string bridge

Wal heavy cast bridge/tail piece to allow individual and independent adjustment of intonation and string height, as well as simple hook in string anchorage finished in satin black with stainless steel base-plate and adjustment screws with plated brass sadles.

Adjustments by standard size socket driver provided.
5 string bridge
5 String MK2 with Schaller tuners

Schaller, low gear, heavy duty tuners for Mk1 and Mk2 basses.
Hipshot Ultralites tuners for Mk3 basses.

Plated brass strap buttons, string guides, neck anchor plate and assembly screws are normally in heavy polished chrome, but 22ct. fine gold is available to order at a slight extra cost.
Control knobs

Aluminium control knobs.
Machined and knurled for perfect
rotary and push/pull action.
Satin black anodized with clearly
engraved graduations.